About Howie’s Recycling, Inc.

Howie’s Recycling, Inc. was founded in 1984 by Howard, Joann, and Greg Wilson. The Wilsons started their business with 4 Golden Goats (machines that buy aluminum cans) and a trash truck. In 1985 Howie’s Recycling, Inc. decided to concentrate all of its efforts in the recycling business and opened their first recycling center in May of 1986.

Upon opening of the first recycling center, Howie’s Recycling, Inc. bought aluminum cans, scrap aluminum and other non-ferrous metals from individuals and businesses. It soon expanded into other household products. Howie’s Recycling, Inc. purchased the land where it is currently located (625 S 10th) in 1993. The main building is 150 feet x 200 feet in size. All of the materials received at the recycling center are baled with a horizontal baler housed within that building.

When Howie’s Recycling, Inc. started it took approximately six months to generate a semi load of aluminum cans but has grown over the years to currently ship an average of 15 semi loads of materials to be recycled per month. Howie’s is a self serve center for the recycler.  They accept aluminum cans, food and beverage glass, plastic (#1 through #7), newspaper, magazines, office paper, cardboard, and tin cans, as well as all non-ferrous metals.

Roll-Off Trash Service Added in 1998

In 1998 Howie’s Recycling, Inc. added a roll-off trash service to its business. Since the addition of the roll-off trash service, Howie’s Recycling, Inc. has expanded to operate 6 roll-off semi-trucks and over 320 open top containers in order to keep up with the demands of new construction Manhattan and the surrounding areas. Howie’s Recycling, Inc. can also provide services to small or large companies needing demolition. They can handle all sizes and types of debris. The roll-off service can also service trash compactors for businesses like The KSU Union and Home Depot.

Addition of Residential and Commercial Trash Services 

In May 2008, Howie’s Recycling, Inc. added a residential trash and commercial trash services to its business. They currently run 6 frontload trucks, 9 rear-load trucks and 1 side load recycling truck. Howie's services Manhattan, Ogden, Keats, St. George, Louisville, Wamego, Junction City, rural Junction City, Chapman and everywhere in between. 

Howie’s currently has 27 full time employees and several part-time employees. However, Howard, Joann, and Greg Wilson still do a lot of the work themselves. Howie’s is a family-owned business that has been built on a reputation of hard work and great service.

Curbside Recycling

In March 2010, Howie's Recycling, Inc. added optional curbside recycling services for its residential and commercial customers.

Come see us – you won’t be disappointed; our family looks forward to serving your family!

Original trash truck
Howie's Recycling company photo
Manhattan KS recycling center trucks