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Howie's Recycling and Trash Service takes pride in providing recycling, roll-off trash service, residential and commercial trash service, and curbside recyling to Manhattan and Junction City, KS as well as Ogden, Keats, Wamego, and St. George, KS.

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Hello. I know from personal experience that there is an abundance of bad and disgruntled customers that talk about workers' service, and not nearly enough good praise for a job well-done.

The driver on 4/22/2016 was a hallmark of this great service though, and I wanted to express to your company my appreciation. This week has been really rough at work with my job description changing yet again, so I'd forgotten to put my recycle bin to the curb, and left my garage open with the bin sitting right inside. The driver went out of his way to stop his vehicle, walk the 40 feet or so to my garage to service my bin; which tends to fill up faster than my trash can does, and also was in the process to bring it back to my garage when I noticed him and came out to thank him. He even took my trash bin which I'd also forgotten to park at the curb to the curb for me.

I know for a fact that praise is very seldom shared with the great customer service based workers such as him, and I wanted to be a part of combating that tendency and give credit when it's due.

Thank you Howie's for snagging great talent when you find it. And kudos to the recycling truck driver in the Dondee Dr./Stagg Hill area for a great job!

Thank you,
Daniel S., Manhattan, KS


Many thanks for your prompt reply, and...wow...the container arrived yesterday! Our family really appreciates your professional, yet personal, service. It's really great to have a family owned, local business that we can wholeheartedly support. We wish you continued success.

Dale H., Manhattan, KS


I just had to write and let you know your company has some awesome people working for them. I recently had to dispose of several items from my basement due to water damage. Needless to say I had a rather large pile next to my purple garbage can. I was very skeptical that all the items would be picked up on garbage day. So I had already planned to make a trip to the city dump this weekend. After I get home Wednesday, I looked out my back window. The pile was gone. Relief for me... no trip to the dump this weekend! So out I go to pick up the scraps that are usually left behind. To my delight and amazement, I do not see anything. Nothing, not a piece of paper, no broken glass, nothing. So I want to inform you, the company, that you have some awesome employees. My neighbors' trash service never do any more that they have to. If anything spills from the cans they do not police the area and pick it up. And they certainly do not clean up EVERYTHING when the pile is sitting next to the cans. Please share how grateful and appreciative I am with the employee(s) that service my house this week. And thank you Howie's for hiring people that take pride in the service they provide their customers.


Barbara J., Junction City
A Grateful Howie's Customer

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