Howie’s Trash Service for Manhattan, Junction City, Wamego, St. George (Within City Limits)

Residential Trash Service

$19/month with Auto Pay for once a week pick up inside Manhattan, Junction City, Wamego, St. George city limits. Outside city limits, higher rates may apply. Please call for a quote.

  • Complimentary purple 96 gallon rolling trash can is included.
  • We bill quarterly (every 3 months).
  • There is no start up fee or fuel charges added to the price.
  • No contracts to sign.
  • Please set your trash out the night before your scheduled pick-up day, as our pick-up times have been adjusted due to new hours at the local landfills.
  • Occasional extra trash is allowed, just place beside your trash can. Extra waste must be bagged or bundled.
  • 2 bags of yard waste are allowed at no extra cost per week. Each additional bag thereafter is $1/each.
  • No hazardous waste. i.e. tires, paint, etc. No furniture.
  • Payments may be sent to Howie’s Trash Service, 625 S. 10th St., Manhattan, KS 66502.
  • Payments must be received and deposited 2 business working days prior to your scheduled pick up day in order for service to continue without interruption.  
  • If your account is not paid within 30 days from the invoice date, your service will be temporarily suspended until payment is received in full.
  • No cancellation refunds under $20.00 will be sent to the customer. Customer must have at least 1 month of credit remaining on the account and no bulky items on final pick up.
  • pdfDriveway & Parking Area Liability Release Form (only applicable if directed)
  • Also see our FAQ…

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